Justin Michael is a comedian, writer-director, and actor from Los Angeles.

He writes for Cartoon Network's Infinity Train, wrote and directed the action comedy short Backpackdraft, and co-created Audible's Bad Reception, a 13-part improvised narrative comedy starring 40+ comedians that The AV Club seemed to like quite a bit.

You can see him perform live every Friday night at UCB Franklin with the improv group Winslow

Recent acting credits include Infinity Train, starring in 2019’s Care Bears and Netflix’s Buddy Thunderstruck, as well as Hulu’s The Hug, Adam Ruins Everything, and The UCB Show.

He hosts Batman: The Animated Podcast and co-created the Annie nominated stop-motion series Friendship All-Stars of Friendship. He's written / directed for Comedy Central, Adult Swim, DC Comics, Nickelodeon, Funny or Die, Above Average, and more.

He’s a big ol’ fan of pulpy adventures, horror, giant monsters and theme parks. If you'd like to continue your relationship beyond this bio, follow @heyjustin on all the social medias, babyyyy.