Justin Michael is a comedian, writer-director, and actor from Los Angeles.

He currently writes for Cartoon Network's Infinity Train and recently co-created and released Audible's Bad Reception, 13-part improvised narrative comedy starring 40+ comedians.

You can see him every Friday night at UCB Franklin with the improv group Winslow. Recent credits include  Netflix’s Buddy Thunderstruck, Amazon’s Danger & Eggs, TruTV's Adam Ruins Everything, and Audible's Stinker Lets Loose! 

He hosts Batman: The Animated Podcast, co-hosts Before You Were Funny, and co-created the Annie nominated stop-motion series Friendship All-Stars of Friendship. He's also written / directed for Adult Swim, DC Comics, Nickelodeon, Funny or Die, Above Average, and Comedy Central.

He’s a big ol’ fan of pulpy adventures, horror, giant monsters and theme parks. If you'd like to continue your relationship beyond this bio, follow @heyjustin on all the social medias, babyyyy.